I am an Assistant Professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I teach Psychology courses in the University's Division of Liberal Arts. 

I received my Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in August 2015 from Cornell University. My research focuses on cognitive studies of the moving image and, more generally, narrative discourse across media and cultures. My current research looks more closely at the notion of culture and their diverse media narratives, as well as the perception of culture as expressed through visual media.  A few questions my current endeavors address are: What do people who share a cultural background actually have in common? Is it language? Or something even more complex? Or, how do people from different cultures differ? How do they depict these differences in their visual media?

I came to Cornell, into the field of Psychology, with a background in literature & linguistics, and with interests in cross-cultural phenomena. Psychology connected my interests in unpredictable and intriguing ways, so I made it my home :). These integrating connections became the topics of my teaching and research.

I have taught throughout my entire graduate school career. I design my courses around big questions that are still searching for a definite answer. Why do we all like stories? What is a culture, who chooses the norms cultures go by? If we are genetically so similar, why do we have such different personalities? These big questions are the issues that -- as I have found -- students engage in spontaneously and with genuine interest. I pursue some of these questions in my research as well.

My research interests in culture and narrative discourse do indeed integrate my background in literature, language processing, and cognition (in more general terms). Film is the narrative form I focus on and, with it, culture comes into the picture. For more information about my professional experience, feel free to take a look at my CV

When I am not in the classroom or in the laboratory, I travel and/or take pictures. Find me in the various places (My places tab on this website) where I lived or traveled to and in the images (My Imagine-ning tab on this website) I have taken with me.