I have recently received my Ph.D. (August 2015) in Psychology from Cornell University. Currently (Fall 2015), I am teaching a psychology course at my alma mater, Cornell University. 

I came to Cornell, into the field of Psychology, with a background in literature and linguistics and with interests in cross-cultural phenomena. Psychology connected my interests in interesting and intriguing ways. These integrating connections became the topics of my teaching and research.

I have taught throughout my graduate school career. I design my courses around big questions that are still searching for a definite answer. Why do we all like stories? What is a culture, who chooses the norms cultures go by? If we are so (apparently) similar genetically, why do we have such different personalities? These are the issues -- as I have found -- students engage in spontaneously and with genuine interest. And these are the very issues that became my own research quests.

When I am not in the classroom or in the laboratory, I travel and/or take pictures. Find me in the many places I have seen and the images I have taken.